What is the Pasur Online Card Game?

Pasur is a popular Persian fishing card game similar to Scopa and Cassino. Players aim to capture cards from a central pile by matching cards in their hand with those in the pile or forming combinations totaling 11. Certain captured cards grant points, and the player with the most points at the game's end wins. Pasur is available online, allowing players worldwide to enjoy this fast-paced and strategic card game.

The Basics of Pasur

The ultimate goal in Pasur or Pasoor is to be the player with the most points at the game’s end. Points are earned primarily by capturing cards, either individually or in sets. Not all captured cards are created equal. Here’s the point breakdown:






2 of Clubs

10 of Diamonds


Most Clubs (end of game)

7 (or 1 per club, up to 7)

How To Play Pasur Online Card Game?

Online Pasur typically starts in a virtual casino, dealing with the cards! Each player receives 4 cards face down, dealt one by one. Another 4 cards are dealt face-up in the center of the virtual table. Remember, this is the community pile known as the “pool.” The remaining cards form a draw pile, waiting for their turn to be dealt.

Play proceeds clockwise, starting with the player and moving to the dealer’s left. On your turn, you can play a card, capture cards from the pool, and draw a replacement (if you earn one). Here is a breakdown of your turn:

Play a Card

Select a card from your hand and play it face up onto the pile. Maybe you see a juicy Queen staring back at you from the pile, begging to be captured with your Queen. Or perhaps you have a cunning 3 that, combined with a couple of low cards in the pile, adds up to 11, a winning combination in Pasur.

Capture (Optional)

But before you move on, you can grab some points. Here’s how you can capture cards from the pile:

Matching: If your played card matches the rank of a card in a pile (like your Queen meeting that other Queen), you capture both cards and add them to your growing collection.

11s: Remember those point-grabbing 11s? If your played card, combined with one or more cards in the pile, totals 11, you get to swoop up all those cards. So, if you see a tempting 8 on the pile, you can play a 3 from your hand to capture both and add 11 to your point tally.

Surs: A sur is a pair of cards with the same rank, and online Pasur enforces a “sur rule.” If your played card creates a sur with a card in the pile (think playing a 7 next to another 7), you MUST capture both cards, even if it was not your initial plan.

Draw: Draw a replacement card from the draw pile to replenish your hand after successful captures. If you can’t capture anything, your turn ends, and the fun passes to the next player.

Keep track of the points you earn from captured cards throughout the game. The most clubs also earn points, typically 7 (or 1 point per club, up to 7). There are two main ways to become the Pasur champion in the online world:

Target Score

The first player to reach a predetermined point threshold (often 62 or 75) wins the game. So, keep an eye on your point total and race towards that winning score!

Most Points

A player who scores the highest total points will win. Every captured card counts in this case, so play strategically and aim to maximize your point collection.

Online Pasur Strategies and Tips

Some of the best tips and strategies to win Pasur online are:

  • Know your numbers
  • The power of 11
  • The surprising Sur
  • Balancing Offense and Defense
  • Learn From Every Hand

Know Your Numbers

Memorizing the point values of the Ace, Jack, 2 of Clubs, and 10 of Diamonds is fundamental. This knowledge allows you to quickly assess the value of potential captures and prioritize which cards to play.

Remember, most Clubs are valuable, too, especially towards the end of the game, potentially worth up to 7 points. Even in the fast-paced environment of a live casino, a solid grasp of card values will significantly improve your decision-making.

The Power of 11

The ability to create 11s is arguably the most crucial skill in Pasur. It lets you capture multiple cards simultaneously, maximizing your point gain. Practice mental arithmetic to quickly identify combinations that add up to 11.

The Surprising Sur

While capturing surs (pairs) can yield significant points, they can also be a double-edged sword. Always be mindful of the cards in the pool and your hand to avoid accidentally creating a sur that benefits your opponents more than you.

Balancing Offense and Defense

Pasur is a game of both capturing points and denying your opponents opportunities. Don’t always go for the immediate point grab. Sometimes, playing a card that does not yield points but prevents your opponents from making a big capture is wiser.

Learn from Every Hand

Pasur, like any card game, has a learning curve. Don’t get discouraged by early losses. Observe how experienced players make decisions in casual online matches, the thrilling atmosphere of slots tournaments, and the more intense environment of a live casino. Examine your gameplay to find areas for improvement. You will develop your winning strategies and become a tough Pasur player with practice.

Final Words About Pasur Online

Pasur Online brings the excitement of this traditional Persian card game to the digital realm. Whether playing for entertainment or aiming to win in a competitive setting, mastering the art of capturing cards and accumulating points is key. By understanding the point system, strategic combinations, and the balance between offense and defense, you are on your way to becoming a Pasur pro.